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About Juliana Bicudo

Image & Style Consultant and a Personal Shopper, Juliana has clients in Canada, Spain, and Brazil. Her comprehensive and diverse background combined with her professional experience in the business area of large companies and in fashion retail allows Juliana to understand her client’s needs. She knows how to help them boost their style in and out of the office environment.


Complete Experience

This is the best option for you who want to find your style, the best options for your body type and the colors that better match you. Moreover, you’ll explore the numerous possibilities that your wardrobe offers, with items you never knew how to combine with others! After that, you’ll have access to a personal shopping list to help you buy smart for key items that will provide you with many different looks.

The Express

If you are wanting to get started but are not ready to shop for new items, if you are in search of self-awareness, want to discover what you like and what you don’t like, what goes well with your body shape take advantage of this package. We can analyse your style, your colors and your body shape and then we can go shopping for your new personalized wardrobe.

Personal Shopping

Whether you’re a new or established client, this is perfect for those who are on the go and need some tips for a big event, update the wardrobe for the next season or some general fashion-forward ideas. How does it work?

Personal Coloring Analysis

Personal Coloring Analysis is a stage of the Image & Style Consulting when we analyze the colors that match the best with your skin tone. But what is this for? With a Personal Coloring Analysis, you will find out which colors light up your skin, minimizes bags under the eyes, attenuates skin blemishes and make your skin look healthier. We can make this knowledge work in favor of a more strategic approach to the use of colors.


Juliana has been working for 3 years as a Personal Shopper at TOPSHOP, in Vancouver. The service is free of charge but requires a pre-booking. There is no minimum charge, but any purchase is limited to store items. Since 2017 Juliana has been helping Sonia Beeksmak, from CTV, and most recently the influencer Alicia Winnett, from the blog Alicia Fashionista, find their best pieces at TOPSHOP.


Learn how to mix and match colors and prints in an exciting way

More info coming soon!

What some of my clients say…

“ Juliana helped me to translate myself in clothes. It was much more than a shopping it was about who I am and what I like.”

Erika KrajncInternational Affairs - ‘The Complete Experience’

“I would like to give feedback about my experience shopping at Topshop store. I was shopping for jeans that fit well, a daunting task, as I have a lot of body image issues and rarely find jeans that fit. I was assisted by Juliana in the personal shopping area. She was patient, kind, and made me feel comfortable when I was not. Although I still had issues finding the right size of jeans, her amazing customer service never wavered.”

Lizzy GregsonTOPSHOP Personal Shopping customer

“It’s amazing how this process makes us think about a few things we don’t notice and that generate questions we never thought would be linked to or reflected in our wardrobe. With Juliana’s guidance, I’ve managed to wear a few clothes that were stuck in my closet for a long time. I feel so grateful!” 

Amanda BarcellosYoga Teacher- Client of ‘The Complete Experience’

“I wear so much TOPSHOP (…) I will continue to add TOPSHOP to my wardrobe and shop with Juliana. She is a gem and just gets my body and style.”

Sonia BeeksmakAnchor at CTV - TOPSHOP Personal Shopping client

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